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Revolutionize Your Beauty Journey with Mesa's Premier MedSpa:
1st Care MedSpa. Where Advanced Technology Meets Personalized Treatments for Your Confidence

Advanced, Safe Treatments: We employ state-of-the-art technologies by InMode for our non-surgical cosmetic procedures, continually updating our expertise and techniques to provide superior aesthetic services.

Expert Professionals: Our med spa team consists of highly skilled and certified practitioners who are extensively trained and specialized in delivering treatments that meet our rigorous standards.

Personalized Outcomes: Our experts evaluate each client's skin, health, and goals to offer customized aesthetic solutions, ensuring results that enhance self-love, whether addressing specific skin concerns or general aesthetic enhancements.

Offering the Best Technologies in Non-Invasive Aesthetic Treatments,
Designed With YOU in Mind!

Experience the pinnacle of non-invasive aesthetic treatments tailored to you at 1st Care Medical Spa in Mesa, AZ. Specializing in natural enhancement using cutting-edge technologies like microneedling and radiofrequency, we address aging signs, skin issues, and stubborn fat, revealing radiant skin, a sculpted body, and heightened confidence. Our services target wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, acne scars, large pores, pigmentation, persistent fat in various areas, bingo wings, bra fat, armpit bulges, and cellulite for a slimmer, toned physique. With a focus on non-invasive and safe skin resurfacing, muscle toning, and fat treatment, our med spa offers a broad range of procedures ensuring minimal risks and discomfort. From skin remodeling to face lifts, muscle toning to body contouring, and fat reduction, our non-surgical methods promise quick recovery and outstanding results, facilitated by our knowledgeable staff trained in the latest technologies.

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