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Empower RF

Elevate Your Confidence with EmpowerRF, Revolutionizing Skin Tightening Technology!

WHAT is Empower RF?

EmpowerRF by InMode is a leading-edge, multifunctional platform that excels in providing comprehensive women's wellness therapies. This adaptable in-office system facilitates neuromuscular re-education for weakened pelvic floor muscles, offers relief from various types of urinary incontinence and pelvic pain, enhances blood flow, targets subdermal fat, and strengthens abdominal muscles.

How Does Empower RF Function?

EmpowerRF employs a blend of synergistic energies, including radio-frequency (RF) and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), to tackle common feminine wellness issues. Each treatment is personalized to cater to your specific needs and conditions. All EmpowerRF procedures are conducted by our skilled physicians in our clinic, ensuring safety and convenience. There's no need for general anesthesia, large incisions, or the associated downtime of more invasive procedures. EmpowerRF aims to restore your self-confidence and enhance your quality of life!


EmpowerRF treatment for women offers a range of benefits, including strengthened pelvic floor muscles, reduced urinary incontinence and pain, enhanced blood circulation, targeted fat reduction, and strengthened abdominal muscles. These results contribute to overall wellness and confidence, addressing various women's health concerns effectively.


The recovery period and intensity of discomfort vary based on the type of therapy and treatment intensity. While some patients may experience slight discomfort during and immediately after the procedure, many report no discomfort whatsoever. Typically, there is minimal to no downtime required.

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